Au Pair in Norway


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з¡ѹѺ ʹçШ ͤӶҧ յͧèж ͻʺóš¹ Թյ͹Ѻз¤


駡з ѭ ʵʴ੾Ҫԡҹ :: ѹŧС 2006-07-04 19:11:40 IP :

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krajeab is guru too;)
ʴԴ ww ѹͺ 2006-12-23 20:32:12 IP :

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*** §١Ԫ觶 ʧ¡»ҡ

ҹ 駵Ѵǹ Ѵͧ ҡ ç ǹҡѺ ԹŧҺҹ ˹Ǵ ǡͺͧاѧ ش Թǹͺ֧ ѹ״з ҡѧâҺҹʴҾ͡Դ 㨨ԧ

ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2006-12-23 21:06:29 IP :

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Erng Denmark

HI Lok dok kra Jeab...

I had read about the day you been swimming with the kids and saw people naked . I had been to Germany( maybe the town that you host mention but close to Kobrenz) I went with my Thai friend as she been there before ( the sauna place) where both women and men naked in the hall for sauna , many kind of sauna and swimming pool . All the people just have to be nake and no mobile phone and camera. And yes I brave enought to naked with my friend as they don"t have any Thai people , that is why hehehe. First I feel a bit shy as it unusual from our country but after awhile I feel very comfortable as nobody look at your one. Their reaction just really normal. Me and my girl friend we feel a bit pround because we are young girl compair to another ( we think we got nice asian body hehehe..)

What a crazy experience in Germany .. I didn"t tell my parents about that  yet but guess they will be fine as long as not the town where I or they live.

About drive a car. I had drive car just about when I going to leave Denmark . My host allow me to use after I got here for 7 months ...but I drive only in the town where I live as I dont have driving licence too ( I got international driving licence from Thailand but doesn"t work in DK) So I just have to make sure that I won"t have accident and don"t use it as often , just don"t want my family to have any trouble .

Hope you guys in Norway  god jul og god nytår  na ja . I got a lot of presents to open tomorrow , very excite, I also got from my Norwaygian friend who live in Kristiansand. How strange that this December is not that cold yet but it is good for us I guess .


ʴԴ Erng Denmark ѹͺ 2006-12-24 03:49:41 IP :

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ԧ ˹ صҶ֧˹ҧѹ ͧ

ͧ¹ Ǫ ǵҵ  ͧԧٴ֧ ¹ ´¢Ҵعͧ¡

ǹͧѺöҡ Ѻ ҡ;ʧ ʪ鹡ҹ  ջѭǢѺͧ ʺóغѵ˵ءշͧ

god jul ¹зҩͧ mini christmas eve 觹 ǡ eve ա ¤׹Թ ӢӴ

ԧ ҷѡҤҧ˹¹ ഹ졹 ͹Ժ͹

ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2006-12-24 04:50:37 IP :

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Ѵը sai pai оԡҨ º ͹ǧ͡ к͡Ҩʶҹٵ зudi  º͡ҴШ׺˹ҹ Ҩ仵͹˹ ʺ͡ҨЫ͵ͧԹ 䧴 仵͹˹͡ѹ áԨ͹ҹҡ觾ѡ3.

ǾʹͧԡҨ ҧષѹ or ͹ͺءѹ

ʴԴ ѹͺ 2006-12-25 01:32:45 IP :

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ҹ͡ šҤҷҹ 굺ؤӢ wireless ˹ͧˡ ѧ Թ ¡Ф鹷չ Ӣͧ·췺ҧ ˡ
ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2006-12-25 06:22:47 IP :

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Һ͡ҶͧիҢͧ ѧͧ ʺ͡ҷش͡ҵͧ͹ҹ˹ ...!

礢ͧ¡úԹ觻 ˹ٴ٢ͧʡ ¡úԹǷŧ kristiansand ͧ Arendal ͧ ҧ͹ҧѺ Kristiansand ҳ 70 km Ǿͧ˹ѹ

ǡʴ sai-pai ҡѧҨիҾѹ Թҧ¡ѹ ͹餧ԴԵҧº

ʴԴ pika_ju ѹͺ 2006-12-25 10:13:35 IP :

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..º˹ ҵͧի ҵͧԴ͡Ѻʶҹٵ Դ͡
ʴԴ pika_ju ѹͺ 2006-12-25 10:38:05 IP :

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Ǿի ҹ


ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2006-12-25 17:49:29 IP :

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Have a big line..can accelerate visa... na at embassy leoy
ʴԴ n ѹͺ 2006-12-26 03:02:07 IP :

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thank you º! ...͵ իͧѧŹ ǡ 㨪¹ !
ʴԴ pika_ju ѹͺ 2006-12-26 08:18:20 IP :

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ਹ ԫ͹ҹ ͹Һ͡ѧudi Һ͡Ҿѡѹش ͧҷʶҹٵ 顺͡ҷUDI Norway͹дա ʶҹٵǶͧ͹ѵԷUDIҨ͡ԫ ਹ ҨЪҹ ͵7ҷԴ

ʴԴ ѹͺ 2006-12-26 11:18:30 IP :

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͡仾Jesshiem ʺҹԹoslo ҧҡҹ5ҷͧҡҡͧԧ30 ҨйѴ駡º¹ Ҩ١ҺҡҤ086-1306137 ͨáѹҧ ⪤շء

ʴԴ ѹͺ 2006-12-26 11:30:19 IP :

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Ͷ Ѻ١͡º˹¤

Tonje 繪͡§ѧ䧤


ʴԴ sai-pia ѹͺ 2006-12-26 15:52:54 IP :

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͹ҧҡԴ֧ ѧ͡µ "͹" Ƿը͡ ͡͡§ ѧҤ繻ªШ
ʴԴ ѹͺ 2006-12-27 08:28:04 IP :

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ʴԴ sai-pia ѹͺ 2006-12-27 11:39:58 IP :

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ͺԧҹҹҹҡǤ...ҹѹͺ 繤ê ^^"...ҡѹ¹ФФҡФ...سѵӤѭ ѡҧ - -"...Ѻö, ¹ ,ӡѺ, ʺó§....¡ٹѹ....(ѧᶡ  ͹ѹѡ˹˧֡ ..ѹѹ Ҿٴԧ...Ңҧͧ  ҹö༪ԭеҡš˭... ) ǹͧԹ ͧٴ֧ ѧҡ˹͹ ͹ѹ§ѭٹ͹ѹ - -"

չդҧǤ ҵͧ 1 㹡þзӤسѵԷѹ͹( 27ը28 ҧ)  ͧѧ   ѧѴ¹Ѵ纻ʺó

***ͧ㺢Ѻѭ˭㹪Ե  (ҵ駹ҹͤӶ)

Һ***㺢Ѻ ѹͧ1ա͹...֧价 յ͹ի....չͧ Ҿ¹Ѻö 㺢Ѻ ***㺢ѺѹẺǤ.......Ͷ֧1 ѹդسѵ价(㺢Ѻҡ ) Ҥ....úǹ͹....͡˹Ҥúǹ...ͺسǧ˹ҹФ

ʴԴ ءҧ^^" ѹͺ 2006-12-27 17:16:33 IP :

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Hi everyone

   i"ve been working as an aupair in norway sine Jan 2005 and already finished In Oct 2006 but still living in Norway since i got married with a Norwegian guy.i got a job from internet without paying anything 2 yers ago but i was lucky sine i was traveling in Norway when i got a job so i could meet the host familt before i decided.the first family was a single mum with a girl 12 years old but she"s having ADHD so it was abit difficult to take care of her some time.i worked with the first family for 9 months then went back to Thailand for visited my family for a month and came back to work with the secound familt in the way i paid plane ticket by my own money but i would like to reccommend everyone who want to be an aupair shold ask the host family about plane ticket many nice family will pay for was nice to worked as aupair but sometime i asked myself what i"m i doing here?sine i got the feeling that aupair is just a have to clean and do all house work but it also depend on how kind of your host family too.1 year and 10 months for being an aupair was ok for me but i didnt earn much money as i earn in thailand.i only got about 20000 b.a month from aupair job but when i was in thailand i got more than 50000 if you guys already have a nice job and good paid you should think really hard about being aupair since its not fun as you thought there is load og works to do just remember that!!!

    anyone who would like to know about being an aupair in norway plz write me email i will answer all and would be nice to get to know thai aupair in Norway since i"m living in norway too.wrte me at

ʴԴ Jasmine ѹͺ 2006-12-27 23:04:21 IP :

Դ繷 319 (756070)

Hi everyone(again)

    i would like to share my experience about thai people in oslo.i"ve met many thai girls who married norwegian in oslo but as many of them are abit strange and talking to much about money so i decided to not to be close to any of them and spending time with thai Phd students here instead.we"ve never talk about money or jude people from money only thing we always talk is how poor we are hehe...And i also know real nice 2 thai women whos woking at thai embassy in oslo and the other one is woking as a professor at Oslo University.  And both of them brought me and my other aupair friends to got to know thai students here after that we always hang out together.Also one time we all got invited from The thai Embassador Mrs.Jitriya Pintong to have a luch with her at the embassy. The embassador was so nice and so kind to us all.

     i"m so lucky that i have such nice thai friends here and i also have load of western friends too so if anyone whos working not so far from oslo and feeling loney please contact me na ka we could meet and hage out sometime also if you have any problems or dont feel so good about host family you can always talk to me.

    Good luck to everyone na ka.

Ps.i"ve moved from oslo to the small town called Vikersund(after married) which is 40 mins from Drammen and 1 hour from oslo.there will be the ski jumping world cup next month so if anyone interesting you are more than wellcome na ka. 

ʴԴ jasmin ѹͺ 2006-12-28 14:16:05 IP :

Դ繷 320 (756129)

come back again ka..after i have read all comments seem like everyone so afriad about interview at thai embassy na ka.i dont know about interview at all since i applied aupair visa with UDI when i was traveling in Norway ka.i was the first thai girl who apply aupair visa in Norway.i came here as tourist visa na ka and did not have any translate papers in english only thing udi asked me was my passport copy but aftermy tourist visa ran out then i had to go back to thailand and wait for aupair visa there.i was taken 2 months then i got a phone from the norwegian embassy in bkk .i had to pick up my visa there and the officer asked me many questions like why you apply visa in norway?where is the recive 800 kr.for a visa?why dont the udi ask you for all papers trnslate in english?etc.all i could said was the udi said i could apply a visa there and they didnt want any papers from me at all which i dont know the reason either but i already got a visa that mean everything were ok and the recieve 800 kr i didnt have it with me so i had to asked the host family to send me by fax.finally i got a visa after had been asked many questions from the i was the first thai girl ans maybe the only one who had applied aupair visa in Norway without contact thai embassy and norwegian embassy in thailand.And i started to do the strange case agin ka since i got married while i was working as an aupair and i had to apply for resident permit alittle confusing na ka but i was lucky since i got to know a guy whos working at udi so whenever i have a problem i just call him instead of calling udi and have to wait in the line for an hour .

    ahh alittle more about the family i used to work for in oslo na ka.they were nice and kind to me but they didnt care to much about treating auapir nicely.i could not have any friends to stay over night not even girl na ka.i had to be home before 10 pm etc.and i also had to do load of works all my aupair friends had agree with me that i did twice as much than other aupairs.(specially my swedish aupair friends dont happy with what i have to do at all)i was with them for 1 year but i still have 6 months left on my visa(since i had a very strange visa case so first time i got visa 1 year then i got 1 year and 5months for the secound  time.other aupair only got for 1 year per time)i decided to leavt the family after 1 years but the host family didnt want me to leave since they have never had any aupair whos working hard like i did.they tried to asked me to stay longer and offer me that they would apply a work permit for me to work in their company(they own magazine business company) after i finished aupair job but infact i"m not going to work at their company but i have to continuie working as an aupair but i have to tell everyone that i"m working in their company to avoice any problems whit udi and police.they also offer me a master degree class but how can i study when i have load of house works to do so i just said no to them and leave.i"m still keeping nice memory which i had with them but i think its enough for me to be an aupair

ʴԴ jasmine ѹͺ 2006-12-28 15:09:25 IP :

Դ繷 321 (756132)

ҹͧǤjasmin ǹʹ㨤 س⪤ըѧ §价ءͧ ͻʺóתԵͧѡ ҧ͡ ԴҴդ ͧԵҧᴹٺҧ ˹Թ褧շªҵԴѡ͹ҧᴹ سѡѧʺó ͹ʹسФ ʧ¨ҹФ ͺس¤

ʴԴ ҷ ѹͺ 2006-12-28 15:11:09 IP :

Դ繷 322 (756451)
I"m thinking about setting aupair meeting in Norway na ka.i know some thai aupair in Oslo who has been working in norway more than a year and they all did not come from agency na would be nice for us to meet and sharing about our experience since i used to be an aupair before so i totally understand about some prombelms which is could happen while you are working as aupair.If anyone interesting please contact me na ka...looking forward to hear from everyone ka
ʴԴ jasmine ѹͺ 2006-12-28 18:47:09 IP :

Դ繷 323 (756739)

͹ҡ ҡѧ䧡շ ͤ §Ҥͧ礧ͧйӡѹ

´硪Ժ索Ǻ adhd ʹء § Ҩҡٴ ǹäʹԵ Όҡ ҡ˹ ǹͧҡ Ǻҹ ҷ繨Եᾷѧ͡ ʹ

͹Թ ҨԴ ǡͧ ա

;褹· 繼Ժ ١Ժ索Ǻ ١͹Ҥش ѡҡҡ ºѧԭ աҡҡѺ

繴¹СѺ÷ҹ觤ͧԹ ʹء ҧͧҷ¡÷ ͹ѹҡ ҵԴ 繡êԵӢ ͹ѡ繰ҹ ѧ ա Ҩش١ͧͧ͹Ժ áͧբҧ˹ (§) ͡Ѻҵ ҡѹԹ¨е Ҷ֧ͺФͺͺӶԹ Сѹ ҧҡ зҡ Թҧѡ Ҵ 鹶ҹ觤Դͧ¤آ㹡÷蹹 ԧ

ҹҨշ·ѹ ͧѺ ԹҴ¹ ҹ¡ѹӢ ͧ秧С÷ӧҹ ͹ ֡Ҵ١Ҩ ҷ秧ѧ ¡ ҵҧҧ expext ѧ ش¡ ӢӴ աҧŧѡ ÷ҡСѧա ͡ҡҹ觹

ǹҡҴѹ ҪԹѺ ¤Դѹ͹ѹ ͧѧԴ Ҵ ҹ ҹѹ ͧ͡ ǡʶҹٵ

ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2006-12-28 22:45:28 IP :

Դ繷 324 (756876)

Hi ka nong lok kra jeab

  i totally agree with you about geting experience by being aupair and do not think to much about money na ka.i"m always broke ka hehe but i always used my own money so no one can blame me not even my husband.i"m so prond of being poor but  still love to shop haha na som peth jing jing!! 

    by the way about the kid who got ADHA she was anice girl but sometime she just ran from me without any reason and i had to ran follaw her in the winter on ice.i had fell down 3 times since at the time i was not get used to run on the ice yet.(poor me)but one thing i was really impress about her was before i came she could not speak english at all but she learn alittle bit at school but after 3 months she could speak quite good english then her mum told everyone in her family and most people in the same area that i was a good english teacher.actually i didnt do anything much but i think she has special memory for english but she is slowly to leaning other thing else.i still keeoing intouch with her and going to visit her soon ka.

    i"m waiting for a resident permit so i"m not able to work at the moment ka only do some past time helping my friend sometime.

keep intouch na ka


ʴԴ jasmine ѹͺ 2006-12-29 02:40:13 IP :

Դ繷 325 (757229)

Դ繤Դչ ФسԹ ͧº ͡͡ѹҵͧҤԹ 觤¡ѹӢ š¹Դ ֡͡ԪԵҺҺ ʡ硡е㹡 ҧҨͧҾ줹ҹ㨧 º

ʴԴ Natty_Bow ѹͺ 2006-12-29 11:54:38 IP :

Դ繷 326 (757970)

Ǩ ѭ˭

ѹ红Ǻͧ Թ蹡 Ҿٴ 硡øҿѧ֡ҹҢ˹ ҡ ҡ¹áЪǺҹ

ѧҾ觹 ҹ

ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2006-12-29 20:05:12 IP :

Դ繷 327 (758285)

ºͧԷǻǡѺҹ ѹ຺ ͹Դ˹ ҧЪlinks 㨪ٴ


ʴԴ P"Bow ѹͺ 2006-12-29 23:52:48 IP :

Դ繷 328 (758391)
ǻվ ¹ Ҩ§
ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2006-12-30 05:36:51 IP :

Դ繷 329 (758880)
erng DK

Hi Jasmin

You are right about Thai girls in Europe , I can see 70 or 80 % they marry with farang only for comfortable life , they talk too much about money . I also got thise experience in DK . They tell me to got many boyfriend at the same time if I want to got good life in DK. They don"t even know what aupair mean . They gossip to eachother . I also try to not involde with them as we are so diference from them . Ofcouse I don"t care their pass as long as they are nice person but seem like they thinking only money all the time , cheating their husband .

At the same time it is also funny to see these people too

ʴԴ erng DK ѹͺ 2006-12-30 17:14:15 IP :

Դ繷 330 (759505)

to erang,

ͧ蹡ѹ ҡẺ鹹 ֡ ֧ͧΌ white butt е͹ǡѹ ͺⴹͧẺ

ͧԹѹշءԧ 觾ҡҡͧ ҡͺҧҹ

դҡ· ͧѧⴹ 繷 Ҽ觧ҹ¨ʺ ҹ Ẻ ѹ´ѡ 觧ҹẺͧ͢ҡ ١㨡¹ ٴẺҹ鹡ѧ ҡ ˹ ҧӢӴա

ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2006-12-31 03:27:05 IP :

Դ繷 331 (759812)

Hi ka Erng

    i totally agree with you that i dont care about their pass at all but the problem is they"ve never stop acting like what they used to be.many thai girls here are really f**k up in thier brain they thought that everyone just like them.i"ve never had problem wiht any thai people before i came here but now i have to accept that i dont like most thai people here at all.i"m not a hi-so or anything like that but i no need to ask money from my husband or any other guys.i married him because of love and we"ve knew each other for almost 3 year so it was time to marry.many thai girls here like to have affair which i really hate.they all are married but still sleep around with other guys for money and all nice gifts.i never understand those girl and they never understand me.they might think that i"m stupid since i have never asked any money from guys and i always faithful to my man.seem like those girl they always looking for the new guy  whos richer than thier is important but its not everything in your life.i"ve totally same experience like you have in dk most thai girls i"ve met told me to have many guys in same time then i can choose the richest one.they always think that every thai girls want to get rid of thailand and married old guy with money like they do....i have alot more to say about thai peolle here but i better stop now since this is aupair page so i shold not talk to much about this.

    Would be nice to keep intouch with you na ka erng Nong lok jeab and I have just had a long chat about this toppic seem like we have same opinion about thai girls the way you can add me at msn na ka if you would like to.

   happy new year

ʴԴ jasmine(jar) ѹͺ 2006-12-31 10:54:11 IP :

Դ繷 332 (761748)

hey hey, u already add in my msn, if not how could we chatted that much last night?

gotta  go real quick brb

ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2007-01-02 03:11:21 IP :

Դ繷 333 (765471)

ҹͧءǡҨԵ ҡ㨨ТҴǹ

ɳ俹仵͹.. 訹ҹѧդ«ѡФ

价 ҡ͡ ͧǻ ͧ е͹鹷ѧͧ ҡù (ҵҺ㴷褹ѧ͡ ҡѹ ) ط᷹͡ ҤŨաա.. ͵ .. 蹹˹

  ....  صպ俹


ͤ Ҥ¡ѹ´ 鹺͡ҡͺ͡

ѧҤѧ ԡ仫С͹ 觹ẺҤѹ´ ͹ ͡͹ͺԴ١ºҨҡ˹ѡ ´ҡ ç ͹١º ҷ֧ʵᵡ͹ͤ

ʴԴ ͺ ѹͺ 2007-01-04 16:44:38 IP :

Դ繷 334 (766193)

еͧ´͡ ͧ´ͷ͹ѹд ʶҹٵ¶ջª͡ ҼŵѴԹҡUDI § ͧ㨹觼ҹҧ ǡ͡. ͹ѹҨѴкõǨͺҹѧ ͹ԫ2ҷԴͧ Թ ਹ¹ ǹਹ令͹͡ǧ



ʴԴ ѹͺ 2007-01-05 02:57:10 IP :

Դ繷 335 (771230)


Ͷ˹¤բʧ价իʶҹٵ ҵͧ件 իѧ


ʴԴ sai-pia ѹͺ 2007-01-08 12:03:28 IP :

Դ繷 336 (771737)
If know from UDI u can call and ask embassy na ka . But if you dont knnow you must wait embassy call u when they know abut your visa from UDI.
ʴԴ Lek ѹͺ 2007-01-08 17:03:44 IP :

Դ繷 337 (774864)
ѹ ѧ¤ ӵͺҡਹҧѹ ...... ͹ѺԴͺ low season  ҡ ͧ... ਹ ׹ǹ......
ʴԴ tip ѹͺ 2007-01-10 03:59:22 IP :

Դ繷 338 (775046)
tip ä ի
ʴԴ sai-pia ѹͺ 2007-01-10 09:39:25 IP :

Դ繷 339 (775436)

纹µǶ١ ҽҡѧҵǹ ١ҷǡѹǻǹ

Pakistan Airlines ا෾ - 16,300 ҷ ͧ ١ ໹

ǹǢͧͧҹ ͤ໹ҵ

ʴԴ ͺ ѹͺ 2007-01-10 14:24:53 IP :

Դ繷 340 (776299)


Ҩ͡ҡçù ҧҷѧ ҡҤͺ͹ Ҩѧ

ͺǹ 駤ѧҡԹ

ʴԴ ١͡º ѹͺ 2007-01-11 01:46:39 IP :

Դ繷 341 (776333)

ͤŹ ҹҡ ͧ͹....


ʴԴ Ծ ѹͺ 2007-01-11 03:35:19 IP :

Դ繷 342 (777671)

ǴҺ͡ ʶҹٵǧٴ͹ѵԫ 仫зҡ´Сͤҹҹ


ʴԴ ѹͺ 2007-01-11 23:22:55 IP :

Դ繷 343 (777726)



ʴԴ naten ѹͺ 2007-01-12 01:19:34 IP :

Դ繷 344 (778959)
erng DK

Hi Lok dok kra jeab

Actually it would be nice if you come to Denmark , you can stay my place as I got my own apartment here and my host family they are very kind but the thing is I got very busy life as I got one month to go back to Thailand  so I am not avialable to got a guests. Anyway the lovely Thai girl who name ( also) Jeab she will replace me and we hopefully she will be here by 14 of February . You can keep in touch with her , I think she also will be happy to got Thai aupair friend . The town where we live is Aalborg ( Northjulland) so it is quite close to Norway . I been to Norway before by colour ship ( it take time between 4 -8 hours) depent what kind of ship you got . The exprese one is only for 4 hour ( I paid about 700-800 dkk for return ticket but ofcouse I didn"t paid myself , father of my friend he paid me trip  ;)    If you really plan to come here I can give you infomation na  ( but maybe you already know )

ʴԴ erng DK ѹͺ 2007-01-13 05:02:20 IP :

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erng DK

Hi Dok kra Jeab & Jasmine

I am happy to meet people like you as we can understand each other . You are right about those Thai girls ..they will never understand us . They think we are stupid people . It is a bit annoy to talking about them . Actually it happened yesterday at school . An experience Thai lady who live here very very long time already ( and same one who told me to got spare boyfriends) She said , why I want to go to Thailand ... I should tried to stay here more . I said I miss real Thai food , I also miss my family and my dog and I still got many things to fix it out in Thailand and I told her I also have good time in Thailand ..... Then her face looked really un agreement  to me ( and I know what she think) Most of them think it good to be in Europe to earn money .  Some of them asked me why my boyfriend doesn"t ask me to get marry. I can tell that is very hard question for me to answer .  They think that my boyfriend he doesn"t love me  , pla pla pla .  It is hard for me to explain them too why ... Everymen they are difference ,my boyfriend he is not ready to marry me yet and that is  but we also got very healthy relationship and we like to learn to know to each other ...that is good enought for us so far , only the time can tell . 

Actually my boyfriend he is a bit afriad of Thai ladies since he heard lot of bad rapitation ( and I don"t blame him that  but want to prove him that I am not ) and always got in tv program in DK . He did shown me some fews program, and looked really weid indeed , but seem like those DK men they are not that bright too ?   ( I don"t know ....just my openion )

Let stop talking about those Thai ladie as you said " we don"t understand them and they don"t understand us  and we will never get connect to them as the way of life is totally difference .

I am really glad to know you guys as we got the same opinion . I got very pround to be aupair here , got lot of good experience , my eyes and my heart  more opening and the most important thing is we can be here without the men helping .....We done our self . That"s why I proud about that :) Yeahhhhh

Night night xxx


ʴԴ erng DK ѹͺ 2007-01-13 05:28:34 IP :

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    i"m very glad to know you too na ka.about your boyfriend i totally understand him since my husband was the same.we have been togerther for almost 3 years before we got married,i have met some norwegian guys who were talking about marry since the first time we met and that was really crazy for me.thoes guy alwyas talk about how much they earn ,i cantake care of you after marry you no need to work thats all..humm i"m not a kind of girl who"s looking for a guy to paying for me.i think those guys thought that all thai girl just looking for money so if they start to talk about they can take care of you then you will prebably want to be their girlfriend.its work for bar girl and many girl in thailand who would like tostay abroad but not for me!my husband and i would like to move to thailand but seem like most thai people here do not understand why i want to move back to thiland.they keep on asking like..what are you going to do there?you can earn more money in norway or atleast your husband can more in norway then he can give you more bla bla bla..i"m feel so sorry for them that thier life is always depend on guys.maybe i think like europian people since this is the way my father thech me.many thai girls said that seem like my husband doesnt love me since i dont get any paid from him every month..hey!money have nothing to do with love..he ask me many time if i would like to get money from him but i dont see the point.if i get money from him i will just spend them all so it better to save money for our future.i would like to make an organisation to help poor people in thailand in the future so we need to save money for make my dream cometrue.

    to bad that you are going back to thailand next month,it would have been nice to meet you in real.i was thinking about going to denmark but not sure whehn since i been there 2-3 times already.i"m trying to save more money and last year i spent load of moneys traveling&shopping in 5 countrys so i should wait alittle before i start to travel again.let me know if you would like to come to norway na are more than well come.





ʴԴ jasmine(jar) ѹͺ 2007-01-14 05:51:34 IP :

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I agreed with you guys
ʴԴ Jeab ѹͺ 2007-01-14 21:27:32 IP :

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.. 繡дҹͧ仫Ч

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look krajeab!!!

how about your family?? already rematch yet??

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